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Welcome To My Photo Album!

Here are some great pictures of my family, my friends and myself. Just click on the thumbnail to see a larger view of the pictures. Then to get back to the page just click your Back button.


White Water Rafting 1997!

Me and some of my friends.

WhiteWaterRafting.JPG (11470 bytes)    WhiteWaterRafting1.JPG (18004 bytes)

Skagit River Rafting Trip January 2000!

Me and some of my friends traveling down the Skagit River during the nesting season of the American Bald Eagle.

RaftCrew.JPG (15016 bytes)    AlanRowing.JPG (15264 bytes)

SteveRowing.JPG (14537 bytes)    RelaxingAfterTrip.JPG (16037 bytes)

Christmas With My Family 1999!

Christmas1999AlanMaNorm.JPG (11072 bytes)    Christmas1999AlanJoChristine.JPG (10355 bytes)    Christmas1999DeMelloFamily.JPG (13508 bytes)

BonMarche` Christmas Parade 1999

Bees.JPG (13996 bytes)    Rudolph.JPG (13495 bytes)

017_9a-281436.jpg (13096 bytes)    020_6a-281436.jpg (13168 bytes)

New Year's Eve Party at My Friend Steve's Place1999!

GreatConversation.JPG (9225 bytes)    AlanSmiling.JPG (8587 bytes)

SillyGuys.JPG (9396 bytes)    StrongMen.JPG (9038 bytes)

WTO - Seattle Under Siege 1999!

Alan&Policeman.JPG (16013 bytes)    Seige.JPG (15581 bytes)

Seige1.JPG (12682 bytes)    Seige3.JPG (16249 bytes)

Some Pictures of Me!

AlanAtLibrary.JPG (12944 bytes)    AlanBoss1.JPG (12066 bytes)    AlanWithSnake1.jpg (9729 bytes)

My Pet Bird BooBoo!

P8270003.jpg (8639 bytes)    P8270012.jpg (9015 bytes)

P8270032.jpg (11525 bytes)    P8270040.jpg (13976 bytes)


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