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Hello and welcome to my wonderful abode:  'Chafed with the world... these days'.  The Earth is so small, considering what's out there in the universe!  Let's Just All Get Along!  Please Sign My Guestbook.  Email Me... Be my E-PAL!  Come back again now... YA HEAR (READ)?? Smile... A LOT! :-)"


Welcome to Chafed's Page!

Chafed with the world...these days.



Thank you for visiting my document. Please make yourself comfortable while you're here. Please check out my "Quotes..." page to read "Wonderful words to live by..." and "Friends" page to read "Friends Without Faces." Check out my "Favorite Links" page to visit some of my favorite sites, then go to my "Personal Links" page to learn about me. View my "Photo Album" page to see photos of my family, friends and of myself. To send an e-card to a friend or love one, select my "E-Greetings" page. To obtain more information about the city where I reside (Seattle, Washington U.S.A.) brows "My City" page. Since I shall be frequently updating my document, please Bookmark this site to your Favorites folder. "Please Sign My Guest Book," before you leave with your comments every time you visit.  :-) Smile... A LOT...Always!! :-)


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